Tuesday, November 10, 2009

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Jane Austen

Summary: At the novel's center is Fanny Price, the classic "poor cousin," brought as a child to Mansfield Park by the rich Sir Thomas Bertram and his wife as an act of charity. Over time, Fanny comes to demonstrate forcibly those virtues Austen most admired: modesty, firm principles, and a loving heart. As Fanny watches her cousins Maria and Julia cast aside their scruples in dangerous flirtations (and worse), and as she herself resolutely resists the advantages of marriage to the fascinating but morally unsteady Henry Crawford, her seeming austerity grows in appeal and makes clear to us why she was Austen's own favorite among her heroines.
(Summary from the book jacket)

I love Jane Austen's wit and clever satire of her own time. This is my first time reading Mansfield Park, and I've been wanting to read it ever since I watched the BBC movie last year when they were doing a Jane Austen special.


  1. I've really been wanting to read an Austen lately. I'm purposely spacing out her novels so they'll last me my adult life, but it's hard! I just want to gobble them all up. I've read P&P and Emma...which do you recommend I read next? I know I want to do Persuasion last.

    This is so Jane Austen Book Club. Cute book, cuter movie.

  2. I might like Persuasion best out of all the ones I've read...Sense and Sensibility is my least favorite so far, but I have not actually read Northanger Abbey yet. I've only seen the movie. :) In this case, I would say go for Mansfield Park!