Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Notes on Dracula

It is a bit of a quandary to be reading two novels simultaneously... and poor East of Eden is getting the shaft, as I am a bit antsy to finish reading Dracula on the Kindle so that I can pass on the device to a co-worker to test. I'm not sure exactly how long Dracula is, but the Kindle tells me that I have read 17% of it.

I am enjoying the writing and the perspective of the protagonist via his journal. I have to admit, it really is a bit scary! The night before last I was relieved to get a late night phone call from a friend after I had finished reading before going to bed, thus distancing my mind from the story before falling asleep. Last night, however, I dreamt that two of my brothers were vampires, and I had to kill them. I am usually not affected by things--particularly books--like this, and I am not a person who dreams often. I am beginning to think I should avoid reading Dracula directly before going to sleep...

This afternoon I was discussing the book with a co-worker (who has not read it) and we were pondering where Stoker was from, and if the novel had been translated into English from another language. Bram Stoker. Seems like an Eastern European name, right? And of course, it all takes place in Transylvania. Imagine our surprise when we looked it up online and found that Bram Stoker is from Ireland, and his real name is Abraham. Perhaps this is common knowledge to others, but it was news to me.


  1. I'm so happy to hear you're reading this novel! I thought it was absolutely fascinating! It's a fantastic product of the Victorian era, don't you think?
    I had a rather heated argument in a bookstore not long ago; she proposed (having a degree in women's lit, she could be right...) that it was an intensely feminist novel; I completely disagreed and thought it was totally misogynistic. Let's discuss as soon as you finish. I'm dying to hear your opinion of the piece.

  2. Oooh, a literary discussion. Yes! I should be finishing up pretty soon, but I have had to stop reading it at night, as it was starting to affect my sleeping. :)