Monday, May 3, 2010

word of the day :: athwart


1. from side to side of; crosswise.
2. Nautical.
        a. at right angles to the fore-and-aft line; across.
        b. broadside to the wind because of equal and opposite pressures of wind and tide: a ship riding athwart. 
3. perversely; awry; wrongly.

4. from side to side of; across
5. Nautical. across the direction or course of.
6. in opposition to; contrary to.
1425-75; late ME; see a-, thwart

"From forth his dark and lonely hiding-place, (Portentous sight!) the owlet Atheism, sailing on obscene wings athwart the noon, drops his blue-fringed lids, and holds them close, and hooting at the glorious sun in Heaven, cries out, 'Where is it?'"
:: Samuel Taylor Coleridge ::

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